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  • Time to open the ECB black box!

    Was it illegal that the ECB cut of the access to liquidity for the Greek banks when the Greek government initially resisted further austerity measures ?  Yanis Varoufakis (former Minister of Finance Greece, Diem25) and Fabio De Masi (Member of European Parliament, DIE LINKE.) try to shed light via  a mass freedom of information request to the ECB ...
  • Press review: Brexit has more impact for the Continent

    Politico reported about the U-turn by the head of the Bank of England, Mark Caney

    The head of the Bank of England makes a major U-turn on economic impact of the Brexit vote to the glee of Brexiteers. Politico reported about this U-turn and quote Fabio De Masi Politico.eu, 12.01.2017 "For someone who doesn’t lack self-confidence, it was an embarrassing mea culpa. Brexit is no longer the biggest risk to the U ...
  • All is not well in the eurozone Mr. Draghi

    A press release of Fabio De Masi

    GUE/NGL MEPs gave the President of the European Central Bank a tough time in Strasbourg during a debate on the euro zone’s unbalanced and meagre growth. In addition, low inflation rates and a lack of investment in the real economy were also discussed at the plenary with Mario Draghi. Fabio De Masi, ...
  • Statement for a Standing Plan B in Europe

    Plan B Summit – 19-20 November 2016, Copenhagen

    We, the undersigned, elected representatives, academics, trade unionists, social movements, party organisations, commit ourselves to a standing Plan B for Europe as a force of opposition and alternative to the European institutions. We refuse a Europe of permanent austerity, attacks on social and labour rights and devaluation of labour ...
  • GUE/NGL requests statement by the European Commission on Deutsche Bank

    A press release of Fabio De Masi

    GUE/NGL has requested the European Commission to comment on the dangers Deutsche Bank poses to the stability of the financial system during the next plenary session in Strasbourg (24.-27.10.2016). MEP Fabio De Masi (Die Linke) - member of the committee for Economic and Monetary Affairs as well as the ...
  • Der Einfluss der EZB bei den G30

    Der Wirtschaftsjournalist Norbert Häring vom Handelsblatt im Interview mit dem irischen Radiosender Newstalk

    Der Journalist Norbert Häring, Wirtschaftskorrespondent im Handelsblatt spricht im Interview mit dem irischen Radiosender Newstalk über den Einfluss der EZB auf die Group of Thirty  vom Handelsblatt. Am Ende des Interviews findet auch die Arbeit von Fabio De Masi Erwähnung. Zum Interview ...
  • Economic and Monetary Union proposal fails to address unemployment and poverty

    During this morning's debate in the European Parliament on the Economic and Monetary Union, GUE/NGL MEPs criticised the Commission's proposal for failing to present solutions that would reduce unemployment and poverty.   German MEP, Fabio De Masi, commented: "The leading French economist, Piketty, calls the architecture of the euro a monster ...
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