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    What should be Europe’s post-Brexit plan?

    Debating Europe ask Fabio De Masi about the EU-Post-Brexit plan

    The internet magazin Debating Europe ask Fabio De Masi about the EU-Post-Brexit plan. Here is his answer:  You can find the whole debate here
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    France and Europe after Brexit - Reconstituting Europe: strategic issues

    Fabio De Masi discuss the strategic issues for the left after the brexit

    International Conference organised by EReNSEP Paris, 2-3 December 2016 ----------------- Speakers: Fabio De Masi (English), Éric Toussaint (French), Josep Maria Antentas (English), Miguel Urbán (Spanish) You can see Fabio De Masi from minute 3:11 and at the end of the discussion from minute  1:27 ...
  • Euro Bomb? European Investment Bank to be turned into armament bank

    The Finnish vice president of the European Commission, Jyrki Katainen, is not known for his generosity. The Commissioner for employment, growth, investment and competition is an ardent defender of the EU’s stability and growth pact, which demands rigorous household discipline from Member States. Only when it comes to military spending, does Katainen look the other way ...
  • ECB justifies including Deutsche Bank China sale in stress tests

    Financial Times reported about the Deutsche Bank stress test

    After the Financial Times reported in October that Deutsche Bank had received the concession in the tests, Fabio De Masi, a leftwing German politician and member of the European Parliament, asked the central bank to explain its decision. Financial Times, 10.11.2016 In a letter to Mr De ...