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    What should be Europe’s post-Brexit plan?

    Debating Europe ask Fabio De Masi about the EU-Post-Brexit plan

    The internet magazin Debating Europe ask Fabio De Masi about the EU-Post-Brexit plan. Here is his answer:  You can find the whole debate here
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    France and Europe after Brexit - Reconstituting Europe: strategic issues

    Fabio De Masi discuss the strategic issues for the left after the brexit

    International Conference organised by EReNSEP Paris, 2-3 December 2016 ----------------- Speakers: Fabio De Masi (English), Éric Toussaint (French), Josep Maria Antentas (English), Miguel Urbán (Spanish) You can see Fabio De Masi from minute 3:11 and at the end of the discussion from minute  1:27 ...
  • Press review: Brexit has more impact for the Continent

    Politico reported about the U-turn by the head of the Bank of England, Mark Caney

    The head of the Bank of England makes a major U-turn on economic impact of the Brexit vote to the glee of Brexiteers. Politico reported about this U-turn and quote Fabio De Masi Politico.eu, 12.01.2017 "For someone who doesn’t lack self-confidence, it was an embarrassing mea culpa. Brexit is no longer the biggest risk to the U ...