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  • Video

    France and Europe after Brexit - Reconstituting Europe: strategic issues

    Fabio De Masi discuss the strategic issues for the left after the brexit

    International Conference organised by EReNSEP Paris, 2-3 December 2016 ----------------- Speakers: Fabio De Masi (English), Éric Toussaint (French), Josep Maria Antentas (English), Miguel Urbán (Spanish) You can see Fabio De Masi from minute 3:11 and at the end of the discussion from minute  1:27 ...
  • Speech: Alternatives to the Europe of austerity

    Speech of Fabio De Masi at the Euro PlanB conference in Copenhagen

    This speech was made at the Euro PlanB conference "Alternatives to the Europe of austerity" 19-20. November 2016, Copenhagen, Denmark.  The conference was a pan-european conference for the European Left, progressive social movements and trade unions. On the agenda was a open debate on alternatives and strategies for the left-wing in relation to economic austerity policies, currently imposed in the EU ...
  • Statement for a Standing Plan B in Europe

    Plan B Summit – 19-20 November 2016, Copenhagen

    We, the undersigned, elected representatives, academics, trade unionists, social movements, party organisations, commit ourselves to a standing Plan B for Europe as a force of opposition and alternative to the European institutions. We refuse a Europe of permanent austerity, attacks on social and labour rights and devaluation of labour ...