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    Lux Leaks: solidarity with whistle-blowers and journalists

    A videostatement of Fabio De Masi

    Countries in the European Union are losing hundreds of billions of euros each year due to tax dumping and tax avoidance by large multinationals. The whistleblowers Antoine Deltour and Raphael Halet, together with the journalist Edouard Perrin, made the scandalous sweetheart deals with these companies public in the LuxLeaks ...
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    What should be Europe’s post-Brexit plan?

    Debating Europe ask Fabio De Masi about the EU-Post-Brexit plan

    The internet magazin Debating Europe ask Fabio De Masi about the EU-Post-Brexit plan. Here is his answer:  You can find the whole debate here
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    Fabio De Masi: “Should US be included on blacklist?”.

    Fabio De Masi ask Michael Lennard in the PANA committee

    Fabio De Masi asks Michael Lennard from the United Nations: As we know for many developing countries, transfer pricing is a tough regime which they cannot successfully administer. Now that the EU is discussing country by country reporting and it wants to link it to a blacklist, should we put the US on ...