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    What should be Europe’s post-Brexit plan?

    Debating Europe ask Fabio De Masi about the EU-Post-Brexit plan

    The internet magazin Debating Europe ask Fabio De Masi about the EU-Post-Brexit plan. Here is his answer:  You can find the whole debate here
  • Interview about TTIP & CETA

    As progressive MEPs continue to campaign against TTIP and CETA, MEP Fabio De Masi speaks to PEN to outline opposition to the trade deals

    The Interview was published by www.horizon2020projects.com, Issue 12 Controversy around the EU-US Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) and the EU-Canada Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) deals continues to grow, with progressive members of the European Parliament expressing their opposition to these transatlantic free trade agreements ...
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    MEPs warn of ‘Panama scapegoat’

    EU lawmakers doubt that an EU black list, on which the Commission is working, might be a game changer to tackle tax dodging. Bank activities should be better controlled as well as the role played by the EU member states such as the UK, Germany and still Luxembourg. The members of European Parliament ...
  • CNN-Interview: German politician claims Europe wants to topple Tsipras

    Fabio De Masi spricht im Interview über die Verhandlungsstrategie der Tsipras-Regierung, die politische Motivation in Brüssel und Berlin, einen Linksruck in Europa zu verhindern und die wirtschaftlichen Aussichten Griechenlands. Sehen Sie das Interview auf der Seite von CNN. Fabio De Masi talks about the strategy of Tsipras' administration, the political motives in Brussels and Berlin to curb a leftist wave in Europe and the economic perspectives of Greece ...