Presseschau: Zahnloser Kommissionsvorschlag für EU-Steuerpaket

Internationale Presseschau mit Fabio De Masi


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Irish Examiner, 18.06.2015

Others accused the commission of watering down its original plans and putting off taking action by not producing draft rules until next year. Member of the left GUE/NGL group MEP Fabio De Masi who sits on the committee looking into governments’ collusion with multinationals on tax said they were “kicking the can further down the road while citizens were losing up to €1tn a year through tax avoidance and evasion”.

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Parliament Magazine, 18.06.2015

And Confederal Group of the European United Left/Nordic Green Left (GUE/NGL) shadow rapporteur on parliament's special tax committee Fabio De Masi was especially unimpressed, calling the proposals "highly insufficient. Instead of taking advantage of public outrage follow 'LuxLeaks', the can is further kicked down the road. At the same time, European citizens keep losing up to one trillion euros a year through tax avoidance and tax evasion".

He added, "specific proposals are only to be made within 18 months and there is no reason to believe that reluctant member states will become more cooperative at a future point when there will be even less public attention to the issue".

The European commission had previously presented a tax transparency package, which member states hope to adopt by the end of the year.

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