Presseschau: EZB-Anfrage zum Verkauf zypriotischer Tochterbanken in Griechenland


Cyprus Mail greift Fabio De Masis schriftliche Anfrage an die EZB zum erzwungenen Verkauf von griechischen Tochterfirmen zypriotischer Banken auf.

Cyprus Mail, 21.04.2015

"The sale of Greek operations of the two largest Cypriot banks – Bank of Cyprus and now-defunct Laiki – was the result of a bilateral agreement between Cyprus and Greece to protect both countries’ banking systems, and the European Central Bank was not involved in the particulars of the deal, ECB President Mario Draghi said in a letter on Monday.

He was responding to a question posed to him by Cypriot MEP Neoklis Sylikiotis and his Italian colleague Fabio De Masi. The two MEPs had asked Draghi to inform them when the ECB had planned the sale in question to Greek Piraeus bank, and whether there is any truth to press reports that the Cypriot banks were heavily pressured to accept the sale at an extremely low price. [...] "

Der Artikel "Sylikiotis charges ECB was involved in low price for bank branches"von Angelos Anastasiou ist online abrufbar.