Freitag, 18. Dezember 2015, 9:30 - 21:30, Mailand

Konferenz: The economic and industrial relations between Germany and Italy

The economic and industrial relations between Germany and Italy
Workshop and discussion on the global economic and industrial relations between Germany and Italy: on going processes, governance and industrial strategies, and the inclusion of other industrial sectors.

First half of the day (9h30 – 13h30)
The reorganization of the Italian industrial system is occurring both through the acquisition of Italian industries by part of Germany, and through the on going tide of commercial supply contracts (causing, amongst other things, a free transfer of Italian technology to the German industry).
The Italian industrial system has been suffering due to the negative impact of such processes. During this part of the day there will be the involvement of both Italian and German left-winged trade unions and political figures. These are the topics to be debated and discussed:   

  • A critical comparison of the Italian and German industrial sectors
  • Insights into the relations among the two industrial systems, recurring to case studies or testimonies of RSU and Italian trade unions
  • An analysis of the forms of presence of the German companies in Italy, and vice versa
  • A discussion on the working conditions of the employees (both in the interested sectors and in general in the two countries)
  • A discussion on the relations among Italian and German trade unions on the one hand, and of their respective left- wing counterparts on the other hand, and an analysis of possible areas of cooperation
  • Possible industrial policy proposals concerning the organisation of work, workers' rights and trade unions

We have invited to participate in the discussion the following speakers:

  • Mirco Rota (FIOM Lombardia)
  • IG Metall
  • Fondazione Sabattini
  • Representatives members of italian trade unions
  • Maurizio Landini (Secretary General of the FIOM-CGIL)
  • Heinz Bierbaum 

Lunch break 13h30 – 14h30
Second half of the day
(14h30 – 16.30)
Projection of the documentary “The Godmother”, by Stelios Kouloglou. (tbc)
The political and economic concerns emerging from the German establishment project poses severe questions on the governance and hold of the European Union, which is contested by the people and questioned by the EU institutions. How should we act to ensure a democratic reform and a socially valid political economy for the EU?
We have invited to participate in the discussion the following speakers:

  1. Curzio Maltese (MEP)
  2. Nichi Vendola /Nicola Fratoianni (National coordinators of the Italian party Sinistra Ecologia e Libertà (SEL))
  3. Fabio De Masi (MEP)
  4. Stefano Fassina
  5. Sergio Cofferati (MEP)


Camera del Lavoro Metropolitana
Via Ernesto Breda, 56
20099 Mailand