Press review: PANA Committee Meeting in Malta

The press reported about the PANA Committee Meeting in Malta

Feb 20th, 2017

Parliament's committee of inquiry into the Panama Papers scandal has this week sent an MEP delegation to Malta.

The Parliament Magazin, 20.02.2017

"[...] Further comment came from Fabio De Masi, a Vice-Chair of the committee, who said, "With a corporate tax rate of just five per cent and an almost 100 per cent tax refund for shareholders, Malta has one of the most lenient corporate tax regimes in the EU, which in turn facilitates the laundering of criminal money.”

"In the past, Malta has lobbied the Council against efforts for more corporate transparency and against stricter anti-money laundering rules. In a country where political elites - from conservatives to the social democrats - have featured so prominently in the Panama Papers.

"The Maltese government should expect tough questioning from the public on money laundering and tax dodging during the current EU Presidency," De Masi said. [...]"

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